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PTA Meeting Minutes

Click on the dates below to obtain PTA Meeting Minutes.

 For anyone interested in being on a contact list for the PTA, please call the school at 966-3323 and leave your name with the secretary.  We understand that many of you might not be able to attend the PTA meetings, but we would love to have a way to send you information on upcoming events and fundraisers.

We have many exciting events planned throughout the school year.  Many of you might want to be on committees for specific events and/or volunteer at the actual event.  We would love to have any and all support and participation for the PTA.

Together we can make a huge difference in our children's lives and the community we live in!


Thank you!

PTA Officers


The Hebron Station School PTA (Parent Teacher Association) is a group of teacher and parent volunteers who want to be a voice for all children.  We are a resource for educators, families, and our community.

 Our mission is to help all of our children reach their full potential as self-directed, knowledgeable decision-makers.  Through volunteerism, activity nights and fundraisers, we commit to the promotion of education and enrichment of all students.  We also provide access to valuable resources for our teachers and the entire Hebron community. 


PTA meetings are held at 6:00PM in the school library, unless otherwise noted.  Childcare is provided for those who need it.  The meeting dates are as follow, through the end of this school year:



The Hebron Station School PTA is a community resource that, via two-way communication between home and school, will succeed in strengthening our school, our families and our children’s learning experience.


2009-2010 PTA Officers


President - Scott Bourget
Vice-President - Dore Campbell
Treasurer - Tricia Alexander
Financial Auditor - Jeanine Doucette
Secretary - Michelle Bourget

Please feel free to contact any of these PTA officers if you have questions or concerns regarding PTA.


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